MGA Entertainment has taken the classic plastic army men toys and turned them in a whole new direction with their new Awesome Little Green Men collect and play game.  Borrowing a bit from the blind box craze, Awesome Little Green Men features soldiers divided into two armies:  Green and Blue.  Amass your army through collecting blind boxes or army building sets, then it’s time to declare war.

With 100 different soldiers available, each with varying points of strength, from the lowly Private Insurance all the way up to the super rare General Panic, the name of the game is to wear down your opponent’s forces to collect their booty, all the while protecting yours.

So…is the game as fun as it looks?  The only way to know for sure is to watch the latest episode of the Red chair show.

MGA Entertainment’s Awesome Little Green Men are available at your favorite retailer of choice, as these words hit your peepers.  Now, get out their recruit, and pick your side!

Disclaimer:  Awesome Little Green Men were provided by MGA Entertainment for review purposes

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