With the recent release of Fox’s Alien: Convenant, NECA Toys expands its line of Alien-inspired figures.  Joining characters from the 1979 Ridley Scott classic Alien and James Cameron’s massive commercially successful sequel Aliens, comes two new figures (a Neomorph and Xenomorph) along with a “creature pack” from the new film.

A “prototype” of sorts to the well known Xenomorph, the Neomorph bares more than a passing semblance to its more famous kin.  With its pale, translucent skin, elongated dome and killer instinctual nature, the Neomorph came into being after being introduced, by the android David (played by actor Michael Fassbender) to the “black goo” from the Engineers home world.

It’s all rather complicated.  You may need to watch the movies a few times to follow along.

NECA’s new figure is based on David’s nightmare fueled creation, the Neomorph. Standing nearly 9 inches in height, the figure sports over 30 points of articulation, making it easy to get into all those creepy Neomorphic stances (with the help of it’s bendy tail).  The figure comes with two interchangeable heads (mouth closed and one that will almost make you wish you never laid eyes on the thing) and a cute, bloodied baby Neomorph (which has articulated legs.  Nice touch NECA).

Is the figure worth your money and time?  The only way to find out for sure is to watch the Red chair show!  You can order all the Alien:  Covenant figures at NECA’s online store or at Fresh Figures.

Many thanks to our friends at NECA for providing the samples for review