For the 30th anniversary of “Aliens” NECA Toys has reissued two of their most popular Colonial Marines, Hicks and Hudson, together in a brand new two-pack.

Based on actors Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton, the Corporal Dwayne Hicks and Private First Class William Hudson figures feature movie accurate detailing, right down to the name tags on their armor and graffiti on their gear.  Standing seven inches in height, the figures sport over 30 points of articulation and come with two interchangeable portraits (a “combat” helmeted portrait and a “standard” portrait).

The figures also come with a ton of accessories like pulse rifles, motion detectors, shoulder lamps and welding torches.  Hicks even comes with his signature shotgun (and shotgun carrier).

The sculpts of both figures is downright impressive.  The magicians at NECA really captured the likeness of both characters.  And while the helmeted portrait of Hicks I received was a little cross-eyed, the standard portrait is spot on.  Besides, like any good actor, no one wants a helmet ruining their look.  So, ya boy will be displaying my Hicks sans helmet.

The NECA Toys 30th anniversary Hicks/Hudson two pack is a great way to pick up both figures if you missed out on their original releases.  The set retails for approximately $54.99 and is available for purchase right now at your favorite retail establishment.

Many thanks to NECA Toys for providing the sample for review