Revealed last July at Comic Con International:  San Diego 2017, Playmates Toys latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mash-up, Ninja Ghostbusters has been hitting shelves in Target toy aisles over the last couple weeks.

Based on the characters from the 1984 release, Ghostbusters, the boys in a half shell have been paired up with the original squad that made “bustin feel good.”  The line features Leonardo as Ray, Michelangelo as Venkman, Raph as Zeddmore (complete with a super-fly mustache) and the reason why I brought us all together today:  Donatello as Egon.

Inspired in part by the TMNT/Ghostbusters comic book crossovers published by IDW, the 6 inch figures come with all sorts of Ghostbuster accessories including:  Proton Pack, Proton gun, ghost trap, pke meter and a translucent ghost.

So?  Are the figures worth it?  Should you be waiting outside your local Target to get them all?  The only way to truly know for sure is to check out the latest episode of #saturdaynightlosers