Back in 2014, Funko released it’s first line of Fabrikations figures.  A line of plush 6-inch plush figures, loosely inspired by the über popular Pops! Line, Fabrikations featured oversized, rotating heads and weighted feet (gotta compensate for that oversized noodle, somehow).  With licenses from the likes of Marvel, DC and Star Wars, the initial wave of individually numbered characters featured Batman, Harley Quinn, Boba Fett and Greedo (yea…that Greedo).

In August of 2016, as part of their Spider-Man themed Marvel Collector Corp subscription box, Funko added Spider-Man to it’s line of Fabrikations.  Numbered 32, Spidey came costumed in his iconic red and blue duds.

Unfortunately for ya boy, I missed out on the initial offering of the Collector Corp box.  But, much like ships called the “Enterprise,” fate was looking out for me one day as I walked into my local comic shop, Capes and Cowls.  Because on display that fateful day, just waiting to be bought, was the exclusive Fabrikations Spidey.

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The Marvel Collector Corp Spider-Man Fabrikations figure is just like all the other Fabrikations, which is to say:  He stands 6.5 inches in height, has that oversized, rotating noggin and those weighted feet to keep him from topping over.  So, in one word or less…he’s awesome.

If you, like me, missed out on the initial offering of Funko’s Spider-Man subscription box, fret not true believer.  You can still pick up Spidey in the very reasonable price range of 5 – 10 dollars (even less, if you’re patient) on eBay.  Significantly less than the $14.99 average retail price point of Fabrikations.


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