Three Zero has added a new character to its line of sixth scale “Game of Thrones” figures.  Joining the likes of Eddard Stark, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow is Sandor Clegane…The Hound!

Disfigured as a young boy when his older brother, Gregor Clegane (the Mountain) pushed his face into the burning coals of a brazier, Sandor would grow into one of the fiercest fighters in all of Westeros.  With the death of Robert Baratheon and the ascension of his “son,” Joffrey, to the Iron Throne, The Hound was named a member of the Kingsguard.  And, that’s just the beginning of the Hound’s tale.

Three Zero’s new sixth scale figure is based on actor Rory McCann’s portrayal of the character in HBO’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s long running series.  Standing 13 inches in height, the figure features show accurate costuming including chainmail, weathered armor, gauntlets, greaves and belts.  The Hound has plenty of weaponry to take on any fools who willingly step in his way including: broadsword (with sheath), long sword, dagger and katar.

The only question that remains is:  Is the figure worth it?  The only way to really know for sure, is to watch ya boy’s in-depth look at figure on the Red chair show.

The Three Zero “Game of Thrones” sixth scale Hound figure retails for $195.00 and is shipping as these words hit your peepers.  And while the Three Zero Exclusive version of the Hound is no longer available for purchase, you can still order the standard version from your retailer of choice including Sideshow Collectibles or Think Geek.

And don’t forget to pre-order Three Zero’s exclusive version of the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen (and all the other Game of Thrones characters) at Three Zero’s website.

Many thanks to our friends at Three Zero for providing the sample for review.