One of the highlights of Toy Fair 2016, once again, was DC Collectibles. From the DC Icons Batgirl figure (with a suspiciously Purple Rain looking motorcycle) to a Joker fish plush, DC Collectibles was jammed packed with goodies.

Our DC Collectibles coverage begins, rightfully so, with a new line of black and white red Harley Quinn statues. A slight variation of the popular Batman: Black and White line, the Harley Quinn: Black and Red line begins it’s roll out toward the end of 2016.

Ant Lucia’s Bombshells line continues with the Powergirl/Superman statue, Raven and Bumblebee.

New statues are coming your way from Warner Brothers’ upcoming Suicide Squad (lookit that Harley), a Melissa Benoist Supergirl and Andy Kubert inspired Batman from the Dark Knight III: the Master Race.

Then there’s the Batman: Animated Series line. From Tales of the Dark Knight Batman, Carrie Kelley Robin and Mutant leader 3 pack to a Zatanna (not pronounced “Zan-tanna”, btw), DC Collectibles is really expanding the animated line for 2016.

The Icons line is growing, as well, in 2016. There’s plans for a Killing Joke Joker, Firestorm, Darkseid War Wonder Woman, a 7 pack Justice League set, Darkseid and Grail 2 pack and the for-mentioned Batgirl and cycle two pack.

There’s also an Amanda Conner inspired all Harley Quinn line. So simple…yet, so…Harley.

DC Collectibles debuted a line movie line of figures that begin with 2013’s Man of Steel and stretch into this year’s Suicide Squad.

Greg Capullo’s Designer line continues into 2016 with figures like Superman, Aquaman and Jim Gordon as Batman (along with the Rookie).

And we’ll wrap up our DC Collectibles coverage with two 2-packs:  a Batgirl/Oracle 2 pack from Batman: Arkham and a new Arrow/Flash 2 pack from CW’s hit shows.

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