Diamond Select Toys had a whole slew of new offerings on the table for 2016 at New York’s International Toy Fair. On display were the recently announced DC statues: Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl from Batman 66, as well as, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn from the animated line. New Marvel statues lined the shelves that included Gamora, Rogue and classic Thor. New Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Lady Deadpool were among the Marvel statues, too.

If you need more Kevin Smith in your life, DST has you covered with new Select Mallrats figures and Minimates. Also joining the Select line are X-Files figures, and more waves from Fox’s Gotham (Barbara in prison fatigues, Bruce, Alfred and Nygma to name a few).

Diamond expands it’s foray into the Batman: the Animated Series world with more statues, banks and busts. Check out that business suit Harley…

Star Trek continues to be nicely represented at DST’s booth with new Minimates, PVC statues and a very cool Select Kahn figure from Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn.

All 15 of the Select Classic Ghostbusters figures were on display, along with the individual bases that collectively make the rooftop of 55 Central Park West as the Ghostbusters take on Gozer (who, coincidentally enough, was among the figures. As were Dana, Janine and good ol’ Walter Peck).

And Minimates! There were Minimates a-plenty! New waves of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, figures from all three Back to the Future movies, new Aliens, Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, NetFlix’s Daredevil (and Jessica Jones!) and even Captain America: Civil War Minimates were on display. Diamond also showed off it’s new line of 4 inch Minimates that included Aliens and Ghostbusters.

The tour wrapped up with the new line of Select Muppets figures and Minimates. Ready to dress up right were Animal (with drum kit), Professor Honeydew and Beaker. What collection of Muppets figures would be complete without everyone’s favorite curmudgeons Statler and Waldorf (with a cool balcony display).

Finally, in what could be your friendly neighborhood jman’s favorite piece of the booth: the life size Shakespeare bust bank (that head actually flips back) from Batman 66.