Hasbro had another impressive booth at Toy Fair 2016. While they were up front with us that they weren’t showing anything from Star Wars: Rogue One (on the flip side, it’s good to know they’ve got plans in store for the movie), there were new additions to the Force Awakens collection, as well as, the classic movies (whiney, Tatooine Luke, “aren’t you a lil short to be a stormtrooper” Leia, and a Snowtrooper). Even the universe formerly known as the “expanded universe” was represented (yup…that is Darth Revan), along with fan voted Sabine Wren from Star Wars: Rebels making her 6 inch Black Series debut

When it came to Marvel Legends, there’s plenty for everyone with the line for 2016. Including (wait for it…) the X-Men. Yes! A new line of 6 inch scale X-Men figures that includes: Kitty Pride, Rogue, Phoenix and Cable (no word on the BAF for the line, though). Other highlights for Legends are a Silk figure from the pages of Spider-Man, a new Miles Morales Spidey figure and a dive back into the 12 inch realm with figures of Cap, Iron Man and Spidey.

Not to be forgotten is the continuation of the Legends 3.75 with a return of the Comic book 2 packs featuring Spidey and Scarlet Spider, Captain Marvel and Mar-Vel and two versions of Hyperion.

There’s also a bunch of Transformers figures coming your way.

And expansion of the Mashers line, along with a few other miscellaneous goodies.