Mattel’s press event at this year’s Toy Fair was held offsite of the Javits center. Due to some technical difficulties (read: the bitter, bitter cold that reign down on New York over the weekend), the venue was changed last minute to another location. Still, in less than an hour, Mattel’s PR people had the place set up and was filled to the brim with press.

IMG_0346Among the highlights, and the one your friendly neighborhood jman’s the most looking forward to, is a Super-doomed Superman from the Superman: Doomed storyline that ran through DC Comics Superman titles in early 2014. Part of the Multiverse line, there’s also a Melissa Benoist Supergirl figure, Mutant Leader from the Dark Knight Returns and probably the most faithful version of armored Batman from the Dark Knight Returns. Can’t wait to get this line.

Unveiled at the press event were new figures based on Warner Brothers upcoming Suicide Squad.  Some of the figures included: Joker, Deadshot and Batman (surprise!)

On display were the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice figures. The Barbie-inspired line, too.

Getting a big push from Mattel is DC’s Superherogirls line. The line is set to include dolls (like Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn) and action figures (Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl to name a few).

Mattel also unveiled a new line of construction sets called Kubros. This cool line features all sorts of different properties ranging from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Minions, Masters of the Universe, Hellboy and even Aliens?!?!? Can not wait for this line, too.

And finally, just in time for this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot, Mattel’s unleashed, well…the Ghostbusters.

Oh…and a zombie Rock.