The focus of Mezco Toyz booth at Toy Fair 2016, as it was with their pre-Toy Fair press event, was their expanding One: 12 Collective line. On display for everyone to gawk and drool over were Superman, Reverse Flash, Green Arrow, Flash and Shazam. Not to mention Superman, Batman and Armored Batman from Warner Brothers’ upcoming feature film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

On the Marvel side of the street, there were all three variations of Daredevil, both Punisher figures and both Caps.

All three announced figures from the Star Trek line of the One: 12 Collective series were also there for all to see. Kirk, Spock and Sulu.

Both versions of Frankenstein (I gotta admit, I didn’t play Frank much mind at the pre-Toy Fair press event. Shame on me, because like the rest of the line, both versions of Dr Frankenstein’s monster are flipping cool) were there avoiding fire at all costs and rounding out the One:12 Collective line was Space Ghost.

The One: 12 Collective is a great line. One of the highlights of Toy Fair. You can find out a whole lot more about the line with your friendly neighborhood jman’s interview with the lines product manager Pierre Kalenzaga.

The new series of the Living Dead Dolls, “Don’t Turn Out the Lights”, were also on display (Umbral, Kreek, the Dark, Bea Neath and Thump) at the booth, along with Pinhead (super creepy, btw) and Trick R Treat. You also don’t miss out on my interview with Living Dead Dolls co-creator Damien Glonek. Plenty of behind the scene info there.

Rounding out Mezco’s booth were new Pinhead figures from Hellraiser 3, the Annabelle scaled replica from the Conjuring, and pre-homicidal maniac Chucky and Tiffany dolls from Chucky.