Ahhhhh…DC Collectibles.  A bigger mark than ya boy for DC Collectibles just does not exist.  From the people to the product, I’ve got a total love affair with DC Collectibles going on.  Year after year, I dig what they put out and 2017 is no exception.

Wonder Woman

It’s a big year for Wonder Woman.  It being her 75th anniversary and a major motion picture coming out from Warner Bros in June of 2017, DC Collectibles has plenty in store for fans of the Amazonian.  Like a Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman statue based on Chris Pine/Gal Gadot’s appearance in “Wonder Woman” and a gigantic statue of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman riding her black steed.

In celebration of her 75th, there’s a reissue (in a the 12-inch scale) of Adam Hughes’ Cover Girl Wonder Woman statue, a new Wonder Woman:  Art of War statue by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and my personal two favorites: a Frank Cho inspired Wondie statue (look at those legs) and the latest edition to the Gotham City Garage line.

Batman:  The Animated Series

BTAS continues to move forward for 2017 with a bunch of multi-packs that include:  Superman/Lois, a Batman Rogue’s Gallery pack that will feature (to name a few) Bane, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze (and they’ll come packaged in a very cool Arkham Asylum box that will have lights and sound).

A couple individual figures make the line like Batgirl, a multi-expression Batman pack that features several different Bat-heads and come with a dynamic display stand, and a multi-expression Joker pack, that like Batman, will feature Joker’s many comical facial expressions.

The piece de resistance, though, for the Animated Line is…the Batcave.  With multiple pieces that light up and an Alfred action figure (that comes complete with his trademark feather duster), the Batcave is going to be the highlight of your Animated collection.

The Batman:  Black and White

The long running line of black and white Batman statues has several new additions for the new year that include: an original piece by long time DC Collectibles sculptor Jonathan Matthews, a John Romita Jr inspired statue, a Jim Lee Nightwing, Amanda Conner Harley Quinn, and a Norm Breyfogle inspired Batman statue.

DC Icons

The Rebirth Justice League makes its debut in a seven-figure set that includes Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman and Green Lantern.  Along side the Justice League will be the “Super Sons” Damian and Jonathan Kent, Nightwing, Supergirl and a nifty Superman v Doomsday two pack, based on the classic Death of Superman storyline.  You’ll be able to recreate the fight that killed Superman, right down to the torn cape from Doomsday’s claws.

Harley Quinn:  Red Black and White

The popular line featuring everyone’s favorite bad girl expands with new statues based on artwork by Jim Lee, Terry Dodson and my personal favorite, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

DC Comics Bombshells

The Ant Lucia line of Bombshells picks up a few new additions for 2017.  Joining the previously announced Raven statue will be Vixen, Starfire and a new Harley Quinn statue based on Lucia’s original designs.

DC Comics Bombshells figures

Joining the initial wave of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Batwoman and Harley Quinn in DC Collectibles line of Bombshells action figures later this year will be:  Hawkgirl, Katana, Mera, Supergirl, Bumblebee and Batgirl.  This line can not start hitting stores soon enough.


Plenty of other statues making their way to your local comic shops this year.  Like a Stanley Lau Death statue, a new Cover Girls Zatanna statue, the long in production Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl statue and a gigantic Harley Quinn v Batman statue.

Speaking of Harley, there’s a very cool Harley statue based on the animated series episode “Harley’s Holiday” that features Bud and Lou (and an adjustable hat for Harley) and a Joker/Harley statue based on Jared Leto/Margot Robbie’s appearance in “Suicide Squad”.

And of course, with the “Justice League” movie hitting theaters this November, DC Collectibles has statues of all the league members.  You’re gonna be needing some serious room on your shelves.

Everything else: