Diamond Select Toys has plenty going on for 2017, as your about to see for yourself, first hand.  Crammed with new Vinimates, figures and statues, DST’s booth was one of the highlight of the International Toy Fair 2017.

Select Figures

The line of Diamond Select figures expands with new figures from several new properties like:  Jules, Butch and Marsellus (man!  Does that look like Ving Rhames or what?) from 1994’s classic “Pulp Fiction.”  All three figures come with detailed diorama bases.

The Marvel Select line grows with new addition like Spider-Man from the upcoming Sony Pictures/Marvel Entertainment joint “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” There’s new figures like Lady Deadpool, Spider-Gwen, Netflix’s Daredevil and Star-Lord (who??) from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” also in the works.

The Muppets Select line hasn’t stopped, either for 2017.  Look for additions like Dr. Teeth and Zoot from the Electric Mayhem, the Swedish Chef and Sam the Eagle (with Rizzo the rat) to join Ms. Piggy, Rowlf the Dog and Janice along with Floyd Pepper from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

Ghostbusters Select figures are heading into “Ghostbusters 2” territory with Vigo the Carpathian (that, with the rest of the figures for the upcoming line, will include pieces to build the Ghostbusters Firehouse facade).  There’s still several more figures from the original movies coming your way including:  “marshmallowed” Egon and Winston and that scary-ass ghost from the Library scene.


Plenty of statues for every person and every price point this year.  The Netflix-verse being well represented by Daredevil, Luke Cage, Elektra and Frank Castle’s Punisher (holding Matty Murdock’s broken cowl).

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is being supported with the likes of Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora (along with Rocket) from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2) are getting the statue treatment, not to mention Black Panther from “Captain America:  Civil War.”

Marvel Comics aren’t being left behind, either. Statues are on the way of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Jean Grey’s Phoenix (supported by an über cool translucent Phoenix base), Old Man Logan, Gwenpool (with a new translucent pink “G” base) and what looks to be the center point of the collection, Sam Wilson as Captain America (with a fairly impressive wing span).

There’s also high-end statues of Psylocke, Wolverine, Classic Iron Man, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, the mad titan Thanos, Thor and a “duel” statue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America and Iron Man.

On the DC side of the street there’s new “Gotham” figures coming your way along side new PVC statues from “Batman:  The Animated Series” of Catwoman, Batgirl, the Joker, HARDAC Batman and a 25th anniversary statue of Harley Quinn.

There’s also new busts and statues from “Batman: Classic TV Series” (the Bookworm, anyone) and making their debut as Vinimates are Superman from the Comics, Flash from the CW’s “The Flash,” Wonder Woman from the upcoming movie and Batman from the video game “Arkham Asylum.”

Other interesting tidbits from the booth include “Iron Giant” Minimates, an Iron Giant Vinimate, a Mego-inspired Legendary Super-heroes Deadpool (with a pirate costume) and a clear translucent Predator Vinimate.

The highlight of the booth?  This Marvel Comics’ Ironheart statue:

Everything else: