With one more day left at the International Toy Fair 2017 in New York City, it’s time for the Newsbox to ramp up it’s coverage of the event.  And what better way to do that, than with our friends at Kotobukiya.

DC Comics

Koto’s got a ton of new ArtFX+ and Bishoujo statues from both DC and Marvel coming at us this year.  Some of the highlights being the DC Television Universe. From “Gotham” comes 2 ArtFX+ statues:  Oswald Cobblepot and Jim Gordon (both retailing for $64.99 and set to ship summer 2017).  Koto was also showing off prototypes and paint masters of the CW’s The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.  As well as, a second edition of their “Killing Joke” Joker; this time around, the Joker’s foot propped up on a Red Hood helmet and cape.

Alongside previously announced ArtFX+ statues of Luthor and Captain Cold were Black Manta, Gorilla Grood and a brand new Harley Quinn statue (in her classic jester costume).  The long in production Green Lantern also made his appearance at the booth. With his upturned Green Lantern emblem as a base, GL was definitely one of the coolest statues there.


Star Wars

“The Force Awakens” had the strongest showing in the Koto Booth, with prototypes for Finn, Rey, Poe and BB-8 all making appearances along side paint masters for Han and Chewie (that Han is spot on!).  Plenty of Stormtroopers to go around, too.  Snowtroopers, Shoretroopers, Deathtrooper…you name it.  And check out the flame blast on the Flametrooper!

The newly announced Obi-Wan from “Star Wars:  A New Hope” was also amongst the shelves of statues, with his added bonus of empty cloak and lightsaber hilt that comes with the statue (a nice touch, Koto).  Not to mention a 1/7th scale Death Trooper statue with light up helmet and bonus toy Stormtrooper (retails for $139.99).


And we wrap our Kotobukiya coverage up with Marvel.  The Bishoujo line continues with the likes of Squirrel Girl ($74.99), Ms. Marvel and Thor (available right now at $89.99).

There’s plenty of Fine Art statues too:  Vision ($279.99; expected to ship June 2017) a paint master of Star-Lord himself (along with Baby Groot that will sit on Quill’s shoulder), and concept art for a new Punisher statue.

Getting the biggest push, though, is the Spider family with five new ArtFX+ statues coming this year:  Spider-Man (out now; $59.99), Miles Morales ($59.99; out now), Agent Venom ($64.99), Carnage ($79.99) and Spider-Gwen ($64.99).

The piece de resistance of the booth?  This 1/6th scale Deadpool ArtFX+ statue.  And, yes, it does come with the clown wig (retails for $149.99 and ships as these words hit your peepers).

And, everything else…