We’re heading into the home stretch in the Newsbox’s Toy Fair 2017 coverage.  And it only took over two weeks.  Anyway, we’ll end the coverage with where Toy Fair began:  LEGO.

The LEGO Batman Movie

You might think with “The LEGO Batman Movie” wrapping up it’s run in movie theaters that LEGO is done with merchandise supporting the film.  Well, you’d be sadly mistaken.  Because there’s still more sets coming your way spring 2017, including:  Two-Face Double Demolition, the massively massive Batwing (that clocks in at over 1000 pcs and includes a new Harley Quinn figure), and the set that everyone, including your elderly neighbor wants, the Ultimate Batmobile.  Consisting of over 1400 bricks, the Ultimate Batmobile is three vehicles in one and comes with light bricks, Alfred in Batsuit, Calendar Man, and the Wicked Witch (along with those creepy flying monkeys).

DC Superhero Girls

The wildly successful line of DC Superhero girls continues into 2017 with new sets like Harley Quinn Dorm, Batgirl Secret Bunker (with Batgirl and Mad Harriet figures), Lena Luthor Kryptonite Factory (with Lena Luthor and Supergirl) and the big set of the wave Eclipso Dark Palace.  With over 1000 pieces, the Dark Palace comes with Wonder Woman (and her semi-invisible jet), Eclipso and a Flash figure (where’s your mask, Barry?!?!?).


Fear not, True Believers!  LEGO hasn’t left Marvel fans out in the cold this year.  New sets were on display at the booth, many of which are landing in stores as my words hit your eyes.  Sets like the wicked cool Hulk v Red Hulk (with both She-Hulks), Captain America Jet Pursuit (with the debut of Ms. Marvel), Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes (with Agent Coulson and Lola), and three new Guardians of the Galaxy sets:  Ayesha’s Revenge, Ravager Attack, and the Milano v The Abilisk.

But, wait…there’s more!  And that more comes in the form of two new Spider-Man sets on display from the upcoming “Spider-Man:  Homecoming” feature film.  The sets include Beware the Vulture (with Spidey, Vulture, Iron Man and an unknown figure at this momemt) and the ATM Heist (and yes…the Robber’s will be wearing Avengers masks).

Whether or not that’s all the sets for Spider-Man remains to be seen.  My completely uneducated guess based on no evidence whatsoever is that there’s more to come.