Mattel once again had their annual Collector’s event at the International Toy Fair this year.  Highlights of Mattel’s main booth (more or less), the Collector’s event is aimed at, well…collectors.  And this year’s batch of toys and figures is aimed straight at your wallet.

DC Comics Multiverse

For 2017, Mattel has several waves of DC Comics Multiverse six inch figures coming your way.  Like this assortment the features a completely awesome Clayface Collect-N-Connect figure.  The wave consists of Rebirth Superman (sadly without the red boots), Jessica Cruz Green Lantern, Kate Kane Batwoman (with alternate unmasked head), Martian Manhunter and a very cool looking Two-Face figure.

Then there’s a wave that features Jim Gordon’s mech Batman suit (from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on “Batman”) as the Collect-N-Connect figure.  That wave features Rebirth Batman, the CW’s Atom (with alternate unmasked head and shrunken Atom figure), Duke Thomas, Batwing and Judson Caspian as The Reaper (talk about digging into the past for a figure!?!?).

And while all those lines feature strong characters, the most interesting of the Multiverse waves is the King Shark Collect-N-Connect wave.  Besides the fact that King Shark towers over all other figures, the wave features CW’s Jay Garrick (in Flash costume), a very good-looking Batgirl (of Burnside), Jim Gordon’s Batman (to go with the fore-mentioned mech suit), CW’s Hawkman and Joker from “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Wonder Woman

Plenty of toys coming for Warner Bros upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie.  Set for a Spring 2017 release, there’s a line of DC Comics Multiverse figures dedicated strictly to the upcoming film.  The line features:  Wonder Woman (in cloak), Queen Hippolyta, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and Princess Diana in training gear.  The highlight of the line, though, is the Ares Collect-N-Connect figure.

Also coming from the movie are 12-inch dolls:  Queen Hippolyta with a white horse; Wonder Woman and her black horse; and a Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman two-pack.

DC Superhero Girls

The über popular line continues to grow with new additions to the 12-inch line that include:  Killer Frost, Katana (looking very similar in stylings to 2016 SDCC exclusive), along with new Wonder Woman and Supergirl dolls.

Alongside the dolls is a new line of pre-posed two-inch figures that includes the likes of Poison Ivy, Starfire, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Katana and more.

Fear not my action figure brethren!  The DC Superhero Girls line of figure continues on into 2017, as well.  Mattel just didn’t bring any to the Collector’s event.

Justice League Action

New four-inch figure assortment coming in Fall of 2017 for JLA.  The initial wave includes:  Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker.  Along with the four inch figures are new vehicles for Superman and a Batmobile for Batman.

The 12-inch collection expands this year with the additions of Green Arrow, Cyborg, Flash and the Joker.

Teen Titans Go!

New assortments of the two-inch mini-figures continues for 2017, with all kinds of crazy characters from the show, like:  unmasked Robin, angry Cyborg, Mammoth and Gizmo (from H.I.V.E Five) and plenty of others.  There’s even a new vehicle coming this year…the T-car with exclusive Cyborg figure.