Hasbro’s 12-inch Marvel Legends line carries forth in 2017 with three new figures:  Thor, Deadpool and a 14.5 inch tall Hulk!

Much like the 6-inch line, the Hasbro’s 12-inch Marvel Legends figures are filled with premium detailing and extras.  Sporting over 30 points of articulation, the figures feature multiple accessories (like alternative head sculpts and extra hands in various states of openness).  In the case of Deadpool, multiple weapons, hands, the ever present chimichanga and…Headpool (with a handy, dandy stand)!

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Thor and Deadpool retail for $49.99 and are expected to ship to your favorite stores Spring 2017.  Hulk retails for a hefty $74.99 and should be hitting stores just in time for the Christmas season. All three figures will also be available on hasbrotoyshop.com.

Source:  the Fwoosh

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