Not only has Princess Leia made her debut on Disney XD’s animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, she’s also being immortalized once again in plastic.  USAToday was spreading the word that Hasbro is making a 3.75 inch figure based on the character’s appearance on the show.

The episode of Rebels, “A Princess on Lothal”, features Leia acting as a double agent on a mission as an aide for Bail Organa to help deliver supplies to the planet Lothal.  But, secretly working with the Rebel Alliance; providing them extra starship for the fledging group.

Hasbro's making a Princess Leia figure based on her Star Wars: Rebel appearanceThe Hasbro Star Wars:  Rebels Princess Leia figure is set to retail at $7.99 and is expected to hit store shelves this fall.

It’s time to get excited!  There’s a new episode of the Newsbox just around the corner!  We’re talking DC Comics Zatanna!

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