With New York’s International Toy Fair only days away, the toy news is really rolling in.  Amongst the deluge of news bites, comes Hasbro with a slew of new product images from the upcoming Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios joint “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Up first, we’ve got stuff for the lil “hombre” (or for you.  We here at the Newsbox don’t judge) in your life.  Like two new 12 inch electronic figures.  The Electronic Spider-Man figure features moving, light-up eyes and says a bunch of signature phrases from the movie.  Meanwhile, the Vulture features sound effects and foldable wings.  The figures are set to retail for $19.99 each and expected to ship May of 2017.

Then there’s the 15 inch Tech Suit Spider-Man figure.  This guy’s got it all:  light up eyes, over 40 phrases and sound effects and two unique battle modes.  All of which get activated when you move Spidey around.  Yup.  He’s poseable, too.  Lift his arm, and you’ve activated Flight Mode.  Lower it?  And you’re in battle mode.  Spidey retails for $34.99 and ships May 2017.

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Need some role play in your life?  Don’t we all.  Hasbro’s got that taken care of with two different styles of Spidey masks.  There’s the Spider Sight Mask that features chin-activated emotive eyes.  And a Flip-Up Hero Mask that sports an adjustable fabric lower half, so kids can partially reveal their secret identity.  The Spider Sight Mask retails for $19.99 and the Flip-Up Hero Mask comes in at $9.99.  Both ship Spring of 2017.

To go along with those masks are two different web blasters.  There’s the Rapid Reload Blaster that fires the included six NERF darts in rapid succession.  Or, if that doesn’t suit your Spider-style there’s the Web Gear Assortment.  With the flick of a wrist, the blaster fires either web disks or web missiles.  They come as a pair each with three projectiles.  The Rapid Reload Blaster retails for $19.99 and the Web Gear Assortment comes in at $9.99.  Both are set to ship May 2017.


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