Along with images of their upcoming Marvel Legends figures, Hasbro also released a whole slew of Star Wars production pictures that were revealed at the recently completed Hascon.  With new figures from the 3.75 inch Force Link line to the continuation of the 3.75 inch Black Series figures, it’s almost difficult to pick a place to start off with.


If it weren’t for this Black Series Darth Vader Helmet that was revealed.

Look at that thing!!!  Is it not glorious?  Not much info is available about the helmet at the moment.  Suffice it to say, as long as it includes a voice changer, your friendly neighborhood jman is all in.  Feet first, too.

Along with the Vader helmet comes another wave of Force Link 3.75 inch figures.  Included in the next assortment are General Leia, Jedi exile Luke, Obi-Wan, Island Journey Rey, Yoda, R2 and Canto Bight DJ.  There’s also a deluxe First Order Disguise Rose figure with both BB-8 and the nefarious BB-9E.

The 3.75 Black Series line continues with a new Poe Dameron figure, Elite Praetorian Guard, Finn in First Order disguise, Resistance Tech Rose, and Supreme Leader Snoke (in what looks like a bathrobe).

Last, but certainly not least, there’s new figures coming under the “Star Wars:  Vintage Collection” banner.  Be on the lookout for the likes of: First Order Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, Rey, Hoth Luke and Rogue One: A Star War story’s Jyn Erso.

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