What’s that you say?  “Another sixth scale Superman figure from Hot Toys?!?!  Ho-hum.”

If that’s what you’re thinking, my friend, you are about to be sadly mistaken.  Ok.  I’ll give you that it “may” seem like on the surface its just an update to the sixth scale Superman figure from Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  Even with the newly developed Henry Cavill head sculpt, as well as the newly developed body (with the necessary 30 points of articulation).

And, sure, maybe the costume has been updated a bit…maybe its a bit more bright in color than the previous versions.  Big deal, right?  Well…here’s where you’d be wrong:

That, my fellow denizens of Internetsland, is a newly developed head sculpt of Henry Cavill, super wicked angry, with LED light up eyes.  That is a thing of glory and the reason to get a whole new Superman figure.

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The Hot Toys sixth scale Justice League Superman figure retails for $245 and is expected to ship first quarter 2019.  You can pre-order him right now at Sideshow Collectibles.

But, before you do, be sure to check out the latest episode of #saturdaynightlosers.  Its all the rage in the pre-teen set.