Interview: DC Collectibles Bombshells Designer Ant LuciaArtist/designer Ant Lucia’s been on the comic book convention circuit a long time.  After graduating from a Fine Arts school in 1998, Lucia worked odds and end jobs in the design industry.  All the while, developing his own style/brand.  Which all came together in 2008 with a line of pinup art called the Spookshow Pinups.  It would only be a few years later when DC Collectibles would come knocking on his proverbial door with an idea of their own…

Yfnjman:  You’ve been doing retro-style pinup art for years now.  Where did the initial inspiration for the DC Bombshells come from?

GalleryMainFRANK_1Ant Lucia:  When DC Collectibles approached me a few years ago, they had already developed the Bombshells concept, and were looking for an illustrator to execute their vision more completely. I like to think my art was just further inspiration that helped launch the whole concept. The major brainstorm question was “What would these characters look like as WWII era nose-art

Yfnjman:  Some of the characters you had already had developed/designed, when DC approached you about the line…did they ask you to make any changes to any of your initial character designs?

AL:  Actually, DC had already developed a couple concepts for the first four characters. I took those concepts and just pushed the design details and illustration style a bit further. As a designer, part of the challenge and fun is developing the costume elements. (EX. Wonder Woman’s belt, Poison ivy’s tattoos or Harley’s jacket logo)

Yfnjman:  You have a new Bombshells statue coming out based on Cheetah.  In the comics, Barbara Ann Minerva (the current Cheetah) is more of, well…a cheetah.  For the Bombshells, however, you made her a jungle explorer.  What made you go in that direction for her?

AIFIS: DC Comics DC Collectibles Bombshells Cheetah statueAL:  I think the Bombshells line is known for adding fun little twists to each character, taking them a bit outside their normal environment/design. We also try to envoke a certain nostalgic vibe so the safari/jungle theme seemed like a fun direction to go in for Cheetah.

Yfnjman:  When you design characters like Cheetah and the upcoming Killer Frost, how does the approval process work?  Do you have carte blanche to do whatever you want?  Or do you work in conjunction with DC on the designs?

AL:  Brian Walters and Jim Fletcher at DC Collectibles art directs the line, so the team has a major influence on the way each Bombshell looks. They are doing research and brainstorming before I even start on a project and are really the unsung creatives behind the line!

Yfnjman:  Do you take into consideration the character’s personality when making the Bombshell design?  Or is the design based on just how you feel the character would look in that era?

AL:  We definitely take into account each character’s personality. Since the Bombshells are such a departure from the classic character designs, using their personality as an identifier is fairly critical.

Many thanks to Ant Lucia and DC Collectibles for the interview.  While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my interview with sculptor Sam Greenwell and the whole run down of the Bombshells Cheetah statue, too.