Ever wonder what it takes to bring sculptures, busts and other collectibles from the design stage to the finished products that line our shelves? Our Friendly Neighborhood Jman got to pick the brain of DC Collectibles sculptor James Marsano to find out.

interview james marsano

Yfnjman: Looking through your Instagram and Facebook page, you’ve got all kinds of art from illustrations to sculptures. What do you consider yourself more of: a sculptor or an illustrator? How did you get started in the arts? Are you classically trained or self-taught?

James Marsano: I’m more of a sculptor, but I enjoy drawing on my free time.
Sometimes I do 2D commissions on my off time. As a boy I always drew superheroes, and I told my mom when I grow up I wanted to work for Marvel or DC, so she started feeding me with anatomy books. I also started sculpting based on the books she’s been giving me.

I see myself more of a self-taught artist. I got into Gnomon to strengthen my fundamentals and learn more about the Digital art.

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