Now that they completely own the world of plastic, LEGO’s got their sights set on dominating the world of plush.

LEGO is taking the ubiquitous mini-figure and giving him/her/it an upgrade with a new line of 12 inch plush figures.  Starting with Batman from “The LEGO Batman Movie,” the new line of plushes feature tricot fabric, silk-screen printing and embroidered faces.

Other plush figures set for release are Batgirl from “The LEGO Batman Movie” and Kai and Nya from LEGO’s Ninjago.

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Each plush figure retails for $24.99.  Batman is now available at LEGO shop@home.  No word on the availability of Batgirl, Kai or Nya just yet.  But with Batman available for purchase, the others can’t be too far behind.

Source:  The Brick Fan

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