She’s just waitin’ on Mistah J

Mondo released images of a new Harley Quinn statue called, fittingly enough, “Waiting for My J Man.”  Based on Matt Taylor’s poster (and 7 inch record sleve), the statue has Harley gazing forelorned off into the empty distance.


Measuring over 9 inches in height and 11 inches wide at the base, Harley’s dressed in her classic black and red harlequin jester outfit, listening to her 45’s on an old shag carpet.  There’s an exclusive version of the statue that comes with seven double-sided mini records (not playable though!) featuring Matt Taylor’s artwork from the original poster.

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The Mondo “Waiting for My J Man” Harley Quinn statue retails for $260 and is expected to ship third quarter 2017.  The exclusive version of the statue is only available for pre-order from 1/24 – 1/28 on Mondo’s website.  So, if you need those lil vinyl records to complete the look of the statue (and you know you do), you’re gonna want to jump on this as soon as possible.