Your friendly neighborhood jman recently had the opportunity to ask master sculptor Mark Newman some questions about himself, his process, what it’s like working for Sideshow Collectibles and collaborating with artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

jman: How long have you been sculpting? Are you self-taught or classically trained?

Mark Newman: I’ve been sculpting professionally now for around 29 years. I’m essentially self taught.

jman: How does the actual sculpting process work for you?  How long does it typically take?  Do you sculpt with clay exclusively or do you sculpt digitally as well?  Or both?  Which do you prefer?  Are there advantages to either?


MN: I still work traditionally almost all the time. Only a few digital sculpting projects so far. For the type of work I do for Sideshow Collectibles I typically receive a basic design sketch to work from indicating pose, attitude and feel of the piece. I gather relevant photo reference of the character on-line as well as any anatomy reference that may help. I start with building a wire armature attached to a wooden base. I then rough out the basic forms typically using Super Sculpey for 1/4 scale sculpts. Adjusting the pose and proportions I then send off progress photos to the client for notes and approval. Then I continue to work on the piece refining the forms, adjusting the pose, planning out the base design. I send progress photos in different stages to the client to keep on the same page and continue until final detailing and approval. At this stage I bake the sculpt solidifying it and then proceed to cut and key the sculpture so it’s ready for molding and casting when I deliver the finished piece.

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