I want you to take a moment out of your day and gaze with wonder at the greatness of this figure.  Go ahead.  Look at it:

Manga Realization Spider-Man figure coming from Tamashii Nations This one comes courtesy of our friends at the FwooshTamashii Nations is introducing a new line of Manga Realization figures.  Best known for their Movie Realization line of Star Wars feudal Japanese samurai figures, Tamashii Nations is now taking on the Marvel U and kicking things off with Spider-Man.

The 7 inch figure is said to come with 3 sets of hands (in various states of openness), samurai swords, and a set of chains to thwip from.  Cause even a samurai Spidey might need to get the hell out of Dodge once in awhile.

The Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Samurai Spider-Man is expected to retail for about $85 and set for release August 2016.  Pre-orders start on April 28th.  I’ll definitely be there with my monies.