So cute…they’re almost too painful to look at.

Hot Toys has released images of their new line of Cosbaby figures from Marvel Studios’ upcoming release, “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2.”

Über cute and highly stylized, the Cosbaby Bobble-heads stand over three inches in height and come in three new sets.  The first set features the whole gang: Star-Lord (mask on, guns blazing), a “velvet” flocked Rocket, Gamora (complete with sword), Drax (ready with daggers in each hand) and a teeny tiny Baby Groot that stands just over 1.5 inches tall.

Also coming is a Groot only three pack, that features Baby Groot standing casually around, another sitting down handing over a cassette (awwwww…so cute!) and a third rampaging Baby Groot wearing a tiny Ravager uniform.

And finally there’s a Star-Lord and Baby Groot two-pack, with Star-Lord flying away by jetpack (sans Ravager coat) and a smiling Baby Groot with out-stretched arms.

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If you’re not into sets the Baby Groot holding the cassette and a non-flock Rocket will be sold individually.

Pricing and availability weren’t available at the time of posting.  However, when the Newsbox gets that info, we’ll be sure to pass it along.


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