In further proof that size does matter, LEGO has released another teaser image of its upcoming Star Wars-themed mystery set.  See for yourself:

A size comparison between how neatly the famed Death Star set fits into the large size LEGO bag, and how this new mystery set clearly does not.  The caption along with the picture reads:

The LEGO Star Wars Death Star fits in a yellow LEGO bag, but something BIGGER is coming… We have to apply wheels to the outer carton so shoppers can carry the next LEGO Star Wars set!

Wheels?  On a box?  Unheard of!  As the last tease LEGO released pointed out, the mystery set contains over 7500 bricks (7541 bricks to be exact), making it the largest set to date.  Which is all well and good, but all those bricks do have to be stuffed into a box.

To give you an idea just how much 7500 bricks might way, we’re gonna have to go back to school.  Now, I’m not what you call a “man of numbers”, but…if a 2 x 2 brick weighs 1.15 grams (thank you internets for providing that information), and this mystery set contains 7541 bricks, it’ll take a mathemagician to tell you that the set is likely to weigh around 8.6 kilograms.  For all us non metric using Americans out there in internetsland, that’s equal to about 19 pounds.  Dang!  Do you know what weighs 20 pounds?  Your cat.  A propane tank.  A 20 pound dumbbell.

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Of course, all this eye-glazing math is based on the weight of a 2 x 2 brick.  Still, with all those bricks, a box with wheels might not be such a joke.

The mystery Star Wars set has a released date of October 1.  Just over a month away…


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