With the filming of the CW’s The Flash and CBS’ Supergirl crossover in full swing, more and more images of the show are hitting the internets.  Check out these below:


Yaassss!  That’s Silver Banshee, being played by Italia Ricci (Don Jon), and Live Wire, being played by Brit Morgan (She Wants Me).  Very cool to see Silver Banshee being pulled from the Superman mythos

A few other candid off-camera shots of Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are floating around, too:

I’ll tell you what, this show is really shaping up.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the producers (and writers) of both shows have in store for us.

The crossover special, title (appropriately enough) “Worlds Finest”, will air on March 28th on CBS.

Source: CBR


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