For the inaugural post in this brand spanking new series, I really could’ve taken the easy way out and went with just about anything from Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys or Lego.  I’m telling you.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that any of these companies are working on a way to make you pay for just thinking about their products.

ten to 1 these cats would be involved with Hot Toys/lego’s plan

But, nay, I say.  Nay!  While many of the things said about your friendly neighborhood jman are true, taking the easy way out isn’t one of them.  It just ain’t my style.  In the coming weeks and months, they’ll be plenty of time to gush and drool over Hot Toys and Lego products.   Today, though?  Our first article deserves something extra.  Something more.  Something truly (as the kids say) ridonkulous.  Something like this guy:

here. just take my wallet.

I often wonder about myself.  I wonder if I just want a particular something or other cause it’s just so fucking expensive (and therefore can’t have it), or because I really think it’s cool.  But, because I don’t want to hurt myself thinking too hard about this topic right now (besides, I’ve been through enough therapy in my life), I’m just gonna say here it’s probably a mighty fine line between the two most times.

This guy, however?!?!  Bane is the real deal.  I want this figure because he’s downright twistedly cool.  I saw this guy in person.  I held him in my grubby lil hands.  I shit you not, this guy has got to be 5 pounds of reconstituted oil.  He’s not light, by any means.  And the sculpt?  Incredible!  See for yourself:

that’s a face a mother couldn’t even love

He’s a want, plain and simple.

I spent a couple years out of the toy/comic hobby.  So, I missed this guy initially.  Which sucks, cause his aftermarket value?  +200 bucks.  If I’m lying, I’m dying.  I saw some folks selling him on ebay for $300.  Which I thought was completely and utterly stupid.  But, I’ve seen a few auctions start out at 99 cent and scream right up past $200 into the mid $250’s, ending up not only flirting with 300, but downright kissing it, frenched style.

nevermind. i’ll just hang onto my wallet. for now…

Now, that’s fucking ridiculous.


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