Awww…Batman to Batbot Batman figure. That’s a mouf full of a title isn’t it?!? It’s not like it just rolls off the tongue. But, as we’ll soon discover, it IS the key to finding this figure on the internets

told ya that was the figures' name!
told ya that was the figures’ name!

The thing is, Batman to Batbot Batman really isn’t so much a case of an item being overpriced as it is a case of just being too hard to find.

The figure is from the TV show The Batman that ran from 2004 – 2008 on the WB. The figure came out toward the end of the show. It was part of an episode where Batman used the Batbot to take down Bane (I don’t have the particulars, I’m far too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia).

definitely not that Adam West Batman
definitely not that Adam West Batman

The question remains, though.  Why?  Why was this one figure so hard to find?  From what your friendly neighborhood jman has been able to gather over the years is that Batman to Batbot Batman was only a UK release.  It never quite made it to the US for distribution.  Why?  I don’t know that either.

it's only an ocean that separates us...
it’s only an ocean that separates us…

Now, this is where the name is key to getting the right figure. It’s NOT this Batbot. This Deluxe figure is the one we here in the good ol’ U S of A end up getting in lieu of Batman to Batbot Batman. But, it’s still named “Batbot”. And that’s what’s made finding the one I want so hard. Everytime I search on eBay and this Batbot figure comes up. I get a lil angrier inside.

red?  on the Batman?!?!  c'mon!
red? on the Batman?!?! c’mon!

And for those keeping score at home, it’s not this one, either. This one’s from that terrible (and I mean terrible. Don’t even bother wasting your precious breafs trying to convince me the show was good. Cause I already know. It wasn’t.) show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This one’s called Proto Batbot. Whereas the other two figures are just “deluxe”, this one’s more of a “vehicle”. Truth be told, this is how they should have made the Batman to Batbot Batman figure. That would have been wicked awesome.

you know...i probably should've picked this up when i had the chance.
you know…i probably should’ve picked this up when i had the chance.

So…listen up search engines! These three figures are not the same thing! It’s Batman to Batbot Batman. Ok?!?!? And to all my radio listeners out there, the next time someone says to you “what’s in a name”, make sure you kick them in the shins for me, and tell them “Batman to Batbot Batman. That’s what’s in a name.”


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  • Will

    Ugh, I hate UK exclusives! Happens a lot with Bandai Power Rangers stuff. I blanked on The Batman, but came around later. Been grabbing up the Batmobiles and caves when I find them. I didn’t know this guy existed, but I had the red Batbot