How many times have I said over the years that Sideshow Collectibles kills me?  50 million?  I should really start keeping a running total.  Until then, though, let’s just say this is the 50,000,001 time I’mma bout to say it.

Sideshow Collectibles kills me!!!!

What has Sideshow done this time?  What could they have possibly released now to raise my ire?  Here.  let me show you:


Look at her!  LOOK AT HER!

Mary Jane jackpot

Mary Jane Watson.  MJ.  Pete, my friend, you surely did hit the jackpot when Aunt Beru May set you up on that blind date with her.  It’s just a shame that Doc Ock has taken over you and your life.  Actually, it’s probably more of a shame that Marvel ret-con your whole marriage to MJ way before Doc Ock pulled that nasty soul switching bit on you.  But, all of that?  They’re just tales for other days.

mj campbell artwork

This new MJ statue is based on J. Scott Campbell’s artwork.  Let me tell you something.  J. Scott can draw some women.  I’m not sure what’s up with the “J.” in his name, but…Damn!  He can draw.  He’s up there with Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Jim Lee, and Ed Benes as some of my favorite drawers of women.


“They” say the devil’s in the details, right?  Well…look at these details.  The freckles?!?  Her eyes?!?  Man!  You know, I’d go into a bit more detail about the statue altogether, but it’s really starting to sound like your friendly neighborhood jman doesn’t get out of the house much, so we’ll just stop right here.

mj comiquette

Speaking of Adam Hughes, I’ve got one of the other “infamous” MJ statue Sideshow put out a few years ago, the “MJ washing Spidey’s costume” comiquette.  That’s a great statue.  My only point of contention with that one is her hair.  I wish they would’ve given her a more modern hairstyle, but I’m starting to sound a bit weird here again so I’m gonna stop.


Sideshow also has a Gwen Stacy statue based on Campbell’s work coming out (spoiler alert:  be prepared for another ridiculously overpriced want of the week in the nearish future) and a Spider-man statue, as well.  With all due respect to Spider-man, I’m gonna pass on his statue and save my pennies for MJ and Gwen.

are you looking at me?  you're a looker!
are you looking at me? you’re a looker!

Sorry, Pete.  Your  womens are hot.

MJ is available for pre-order at Sideshow for $249.99.  No.  I’m not getting any kind of kickback for that.  At least not yet.  Here’s hoping someone at Sideshow takes pity on me and decides to give me a 1% discount on MJ.


What do you mean you haven’t seen the latest episode of your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show!?!  Well…here.  Let me cue it up for you:

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