For awhile your friendly neighborhood jman was doing this bit about Previews. Each month, I’d go through the book and pick out the good, the bad and the ugly (as it were).  It was fun and all, but just like everything else I do, it got drawn out and eventually, a bit time consuming .  So, in the interest in conserving our most valuable resource, I’ve whittled the whole thing down to an ultra convenient Top 3 Picks for (insert current month) Previews.   Oh…and as an added bonus, a WTF product, too.  Cause, there’s always something in there that makes me wonder about our humanity.

So, without further adieu, here are my Top 3 picks for April’s Previews (and, yes, they are in “want” order)

#3 – The Wolverine by Marvel Select:  I feel kinda weird making this one of my top picks.  What with Wolverine being shirtless and all.  I’m pretty secure about my manliness, but Wolvie here’s kinda like buying wrestling figures.  Just something wrong about it on some level.  No more wrong than a +40 year old dude buying a Black Widow doll, but I’m gonna chalk all of this up to “neither here nor there” before I get myself mixed up in some kind of psychological talespin.

#2 – DC Bombshells’ Supergirl by DC Collectibles.  This is almost a tie with #1.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I could interchange one and two depending on the weather in Spain on any given day.  That’s how uncertain I am about the order of these two.  The reason I’m ranking this one #2 (for the moment) is the price point ($129.99) and what I’m calling the “final product” factor.  The pics of the production statues aren’t always indicative of what the final product will actually end up looking like.  Hence the added verbiage “final product may vary.”  I have a sneaky suspicion that’s what’s going on with this statue.  So…until I see the final product, Supergirl is #2 (for the moment).

#1 – Cover Girl’s Batgirl by DC Collectibles.  What can I say?  Jim Gordon’s lil girl just looks cool.  She’s got the right amount of cheesecake for us superhero pervs.  The retail is not horrible (99.99).  And I’m much more confident about that while “final product factor” with Batgirl, then with Supergirl.  So…Batgirl ends up being the “must get” piece of this month’s Previews.


And the WTF product:

Archie #645 variant:  Aye carumba!  I don’t know what Archie’s selling these days, but whew!  Now that’s some cheesecake!


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