red son Wonder WomanA few weeks ago, when I was called out about not including any female characters on My Top 5(ish) Favorite Ed McG figures list, I responded with a Top 5(ish) female figures list.  Well…while I was going through my containers of action figures, the big guy sent me down an idear for yet another top 5(ish) list:  My Top 5(ish) Wonder Woman figures.

Yea.  Go figure (as it were).  Turns out I have more than enough Wondie figures to compile a list.  And still have some leftover.

Now, at risk of being redundant, there is one or two crossovers from the Top 5(ish) female figures list.  Cause, look…they were my Top 5.  But, I’ve acquired a few more Wondie figures in the last few weeks that, well…makes it look like we’ve got a new list on our hands.

You likey?!?!  You likey what you read?  Then head on over to South Street actionfigurefury for all the details on My Top 5(ish) Wonder Woman figures.  And tell them Jeffrey sent you!

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