New images of LEGO’s upcoming sets for Marvel Studios November 2017 release, “Thor: Ragnarok” have surfaced upon the internets.

Two sets are heading our way to support the new movie:  The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084) and Thor vs Hulk Arena Crash (76088).

The Ultimate Battle for Asgard is made up of 400 pieces and includes 6 mini-figures (Hela, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner (?!?!), Thor and 2 Berserkers.)  The set comes with a ship of some sort, a giant dog-thing of some sort and a pretty cool Hela figure (very reminiscent of Lord Business).  The Ultimate Battle for Asgard is expected to retail for $49.99.

Thor vs. Hulk Arena Crash comes with 492 pieces and includes 5 minifigures (Grandmaster, Sakaarian Guard, Thor, Loki and Gladiator Hulk).  While the set basically looks like just a big wall, with the inclusion of that armored Hulk, it’s gonna be the hardest one to resist of the two sets.  It’s expected to retail for $59.99.

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No set released date for either set, but a good bet is that they’ll be on store shelves way before the movie’s November release.

Source:  Brick Fan


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