CBS released the teasiest of teaser trailers today.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Weird.  Take a look:

While it’s short on any kind of content (which is no real surprise, since no casting news has been announced yet), it’s still kind of exciting.  The teaser is a nice tour of the universe and some very interesting hints at what we might expect from this show.  Especially with text like:  New crews.  New villains.  New heroes.  New worlds.

The most interesting part?  The “s” at the end of “crew”.  As in more than one crew?!?!  Are we going to see shows focusing on more than one ship?  Is the focus going to be on Starfleet as a whole, instead of one particular ship?  So many questions.  So much time we have to wait!

But, there is that cool, new logo to get excited about until then…

New teaser trailer hits for CBS' new Star Trek series

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