We’re testing out a new featured here at the Newsbox…a news roundup!  Taking the most interesting stories of the day and putting them all, conveniently enough for you, in one place.  So, without further word reading, let’s get to it…

Kotobukiya’s Marvel Universe Spider-Man Webslinger ArtFX statue

Kotobukiya’s got a cool new ArtFX Spider-Man statue coming your way.  Sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto, the sixth scale statue has everyone’s favorite webslinger swing through the city.  See way more of the statue at Kotobukiya’s website.

Hot Toys sixth scale deluxe version Wonder Woman

Now this?  This one’s gonna be real hard to resist.  Hot Toys new sixth scale Wonder Woman figure.  Based on Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Amazonian Princess in the upcoming Justice League movie, the figure features everything you could possibly want to recreate your favorite Wonder Woman scenes, including “heated up” bracelets.  Hot Toys really hit it out of the park with this one.

Funko Walmart Exclusive Pop! Star Wars Movie Moments

Coming exclusively to Walmart are new Pop! Star Wars Movie Moments.  Right from Star Wars:  A New Hope comes four new moments:  Luke and Leia in the trash compactor.  R2 and 3PO on Tatooine, Han and Greedo’s last stand and Vader and Obi-Wan’s final duel.  They’ll be hitting your local WalMart next week.  Check out Funko’s Blog for more info.


Funko’s Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins To Shine Pop!

Finally, we’ve got more Teen Titans GO! Pop! figures coming from Funko.  From “Night Begins to Shine” comes Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven in boss, retro 80’s apocalyptic attire.  They’ll be hitting stores this coming February.  Funko’s Blog has more info, including a look at store exclusives.

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