Hot Toys released images of a new, exclusive Iron Man Armor.  Yes…another Iron Man Armor.  And while the House Party Protocol from Marvel Studio’s 2013 release “Iron Man 3” is getting a little long in the tooth, the design of this armor, is intriguing…if nothing else.

An update to the “Iron Man 3” Mark XLI “Bones” armor originally revealed back in 2014, this new version of the Bones armor is “retro” painted.  Meaning, it’s decked out in Tony’s original Iron Man red and gold colors.

With its mechanical parts exposed, the sixth scale Skeleton Suit features the ability to split apart with the appendages, torso and head able to fly independent of one another.  The suit features over 36 points of articulation, LED lighting effects, translucent “thrust” accessories (for those individual flying parts), multiple hands (in various states of openness) and a dynamic figure stand.

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No retail or availability for the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Bones Mark XLI Armor as of yet.  It will be available for purchase at “Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition” in Tokyo, Japan, though.  Hopefully, it’ll be made available in the US.  Cause, ya boy is definitely getting ahold of this one.

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