Next stop on our NYCC 2017 tour de force?  DC Entertainment.  The name of the game this year for DC is Justice League, which should come as no surprise for anyone with the movie set to hit theaters November 2017.  On display at the booth were the costumes from the movie:  Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Batman (which ya boy did a fairly shitreagous job taking pictures of, thank you very much).

The highlight, though were Mattel’s new Multiverse figures on display.  SuperLex…yea, he’s awesome.  Also on display was a new Wondie figure, two new Ray figures, Vixen and Batman from Gotham by Gaslight, which was very unexpected to see, but very cool nonetheless.   Nice to see Mattel reaching in the library for some of these figures.

Also on display was LEGO’s new Joker Manor (70922).  After seeing it a second time in person, I’m even more convinced, I don’t think I’ll be able to live very long without having it in my life.

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