Revealed a few days before the start of New York Comic Con 2017, Diamond Select Toys revealed a new Vinimate to be offered by Toys R Us at the con:  A DC Comics Flashback Starfire Vinimate from Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go!

Your friendly neighborhood jman made it a point to get the figure at the start of the Con.  And, that’s exactly what I did.  Didn’t pass Go.  Didn’t collect a hundred dollars.  Didn’t even check out any cosplayers.  Instead I went straight to the TRU booth to pick up DST’s new Starfire Vinimate (and a couple of other things).

The new 4 inch vinyl figure, an upsized version of DST’s long running line of 2 inch Minimates, comes in a nice four color window box, covered with Teen Titans Go! graphics.  Starfire herself, while not articulate like her 2 inch brethren, still retains the Minimates blocky look, and sticks with the character’s (and the show’s for that matter) bright color scheme.

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So?  Is the figure worth it?  Was she worth waiting 45 minutes in line for at the start of the Con?  The only way to know for sure is to click the video above to find out for yourself.

And while NYCC 2017 has been relegated to the history books, Starfire is still available at Toys R Us’ website.  She retails for $10.99.  Get her while you still have the chance.