First seen at New York’s International Toy Fair back in February 2017, official images of LEGO’s DC Superhero Girls summer sets have been released.  The new assortment consists of:  Harley Quinn Dorm (41236), Batgirl Secret Bunker (41237), Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory (41238) and Eclipso Dark Palace (41239).

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As for the particulars, Harley Quinn Dorm consists of 176 pieces (including Harley) and retails for $19.99; Batgirl Secret Bunker is made up of 351 pieces, comes with Batgirl and Mad-Harriet mini-dolls and retails for $44.99; Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory clocks in at 432 pieces, comes with Supergirl and Lena Luthor mini-dolls and retails for $59.99.

The assortment wraps up with Eclipso Dark Palace.  The biggest set of the wave, Eclipso Dark Palace features over 1000 pieces (including Wonder Woman, the Flash and Eclipso mini-dolls), Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and retails for $99.99.

The sets are expected to be available for purchase on May 1st.

Source:  The Brick Fan


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