Our unofficial One Week from Asgard continues with a discussion of Marvel Select’s Thor figure from Thor:  The Dark World.


Rather, our unofficial Week from Asgard should continue with our discussion of yakyakyak.  But, in my infinite short sightedness, I didn’t pick up the Thor figure in time.  What can I say?  When the big guy upstairs sends you down idears, he should make sure you’re able to get everything you need to set said idear into motion.


Cause, truth be somewhat told, I did go on an “expedition” to my local Disney Store(s) to see if they had this guy in stock.

They did not.

And while ordering on line was an option, your friendly neighborhood jman wouldn’t have gotten the figure in time to do this article.  Cause this whole bit was based on the fact I saw Thor:  The Dark World over the weekend and wanted to get as much mileage out of it as I could.

plush thor

But, I’m not one to let a good bit go.  So, we’re still going to review Marvel Select’s Thor figure.  But, instead of using actual images of the figure, we’ll be using pics of this plush Thor, from the Avengers, I bought a while ago instead.  It’ll still get the point across.


plush thor

So, yea…this Thor figure from the “super deluxe” Marvel Select line, is pretty awesome.  Put out by Diamond Select, Thor is sculpted by the geniuses at Gentle Giant studios.  He measures 7 inches tall and comes ready to take on anything with his 16 points of articulation.

The detail is pretty spot on.  Right down to Mjolnir.

plush thor mjolnir

Thor also comes with a pretty fancy base.  Which, conveniently enough, interlocks with the base included in Marvel Select’s Jane Foster figure.  Spiffy, right?!?!?

plush thor base

I’mma pass on that Jane Foster figure, though.  I’m by no means a completist.  And I’m really not all that crazy about the look of the figure.  Now, if they were to do a Lady Sif figure?  Then, yea…I’d have gotten that one , too.  But, they didn’t.  So I guess I won’t

actual jane foster figure
actual jane foster figure

Thor (and Jane) retail for $24.99, which is a bit of a hefty price to pay.  Although, you can get both of them online for about $21.99.  But, then you gotta pay shipping, so you’re probably just better off tracking one down at your local Disney Store.

actual Thor figure
actual Thor figure


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