Thanos!  Say it isn’t so!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Thanos himself, Josh Brolin as been cast to play Cable in Fox’s upcoming “Deadpool 2.”  Beating out a whole list of actors that included the likes of Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe to Pierce Bronson and Michael Shannon (General Zod from 2013’s “Man of Steel”), Brolin apparently signed a four picture deal with Fox.

Interesting.  Very interesting.  Guess Fox has some plans for Cable over the next couple of years.

Zazie Beetz

Brolin joins Zazie Beetz as the recently cast Domino and Ryan Reynolds as Mr. Pool, himself in the David Leitch directed sequel that’s set for a 2018 release.

It seems as if everyone on the internets pretty much had the same reaction to the news, a reluctantly accepting:  “I’m fine with it…”  While everyone in Internetsland had their own man they were rooting for (Ron Perlman or Stephen Lang, for me.   although Pierce Brosnan was an interesting choice) it seems like the collective that is the internet is just glad it wasn’t worse.

Like, say…General Zod.


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