By now…everyone’s seen it.  The new “Justice League” trailer.  If by some chance you’ve been stuck on Mars and haven’t laid eyes on it yet, here’s your chance to give it the once over.

When it comes to this trailer in general and “Justice League” specifically, I think this tweet says it best:

We’ve all been down this road before with the DCCU.  “Man of Steel.”  “Batman v Superman.”  “Suicide Squad.” Great trailers built on the best parts of the movie.  If nothing else, whoever Warner Bros has hired to create the trailers for the DCCU movies, really knows how to put together an exciting piece of business.

And just like the previous trailers for all the fore-mentioned movies, there’s some real bright spots to the trailer.  Wonder Woman (of course).  Aquaman is bad ass (how could he not be with Khal Drogo playing him?).  Barry Allen and all the Flash effects (that costume, though.  Ugh.  C’mon!).  Even Affleck seemed to fill the cowl a little bit better (figuratively, that is).

But, as much as there is to be hopeful for in the trailer, just as much can be said to leave you feeling skeptical.  The look of Cyborg.  It’s just not there.  While Ray Fisher at least sounds the part, that Cyborg “costume” really leaves a lot to be desired.  As does the Flash’s.  And, of course, there’s Zack Snyder helming the project.  If there’s one guy who doesn’t seem to get the source material (or doesn’t care, or is looking to make it something that it isn’t), it’s Zack Snyder.

One of the biggest question marks to come out of the trailer was Superman.  Unsurprisingly omitted from the trailer, his status isn’t so much “is he coming back”, but “how is he coming back?”  Whenever he does make his grand entrance, here’s hoping it’s in a black, cape-less suit with long hair and a sense of humor firmly intact.

I want to be cautiously optimistic here.  I really do.  But “Batman v Superman” pretty much squashed any “good will” I had for the DCCU.  And, there’s no Margot Robbie strutting her stuff in hot pants, this time around.  If “Justice League” is going to succeed, it’s going to be on the backs of Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Hopefully the Princess of Themyscria and the King of Atlantis have the strength to drag the rest of the league to Glory.


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