Prime 1 Studio is bringing another character from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight video game to life:  Tim Drake…Robin!

The new statue stands 31 inches in height and 8 inches wide at the base.  Much like the other Prime 1 Studio statues, Robin is “customizable”.  He comes with 2 portraits (a standard and an “angry” version), two switchable right arms and two Bo staffs (one open, the other closed).  There’s even an exclusive version of the statue that features a third “unmasked” portrait of Tim.

All this coolness is gonna cost you, though.  Robin retails for $899 and has an edition size of 500 pieces for the regular version and only 300 pieces for the exclusive version.  With an allotment that low, if you’re considering jumping on this statue, you may not want to wait too long.

Get your popcorn ready!  There’s a new episode of All That You Need 2 Know coming your way.  And we’re talking Marvel Comics Civil War!

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