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Over the last few weeks information has been trickling out of Hot Toys about new, upcoming figures. I’ve said it before, and it’s certainly worth repeating here, Hot Toys kills me.  Man, do they kill me!  I don’t know what I ever did for them to unleash such a spectacular assault against my wallet, but believe you me Hot Toys has declared complete and total war against your friendly neighborhood jman’s wallet.

Now, for the sake of brevity, I’m not gonna cover all the figures Hot Toys has coming out here.  It’s all been done  to death all over the internets.  I’m just gonna focus on the ones that I’m interested in, the figures causing me the most agony.  And we might as well begin with:

silver centurion

Silver Centurion.  Hot Toys is showing a bunch of new figures from Iron Man3.  With all those armors from the “house party protocol”, Hot Toys will be in business a good long time.


The Heartbreaker is pretty cool.  But, I’ve already got a couple of Iron Man armors.  So, I’m holding off.  Well, I’m holding off until this one’s released, that is:


Igor.  Yea.  It’s blue.  Yea…it’s not called “the Hulkbuster”.  But, so what?  You can’t have everything.  I’ll take this, though.  And be very happy!

mandarian assault tony stark

That there’s Mandarian Mansion Assault Tony Stark.  I want a Tony Stark figure.  This is really the one I want:

tony stark

But, like I said…you can’t have everything.  This Mandarian Mansion Assault version isn’t too bad.  He comes with some pretty cool accessories.  One of which I believe to be the Dora the Explorer watch.  I’m on the fence about him.  If the price is “right”, he’ll probably end up in my collection.

star spangled captain america

Star Spangled Captain America.  Meh.  If nothing else, I gotta hand it to Hot Toys.  They really nail the likeness.  This guy is cool and all, but…there are just too many other figures I want.  However, if I had the extra money the reason I would get him is because of this:

star spangled captain america shield

How cool is that?  His notes on the back of his shield!?!?  That’s flipping awesome!  You know what they say…the devil’s in the details.

batman 66

Now, I’m not a big fan of the old Batman TV show.  Or what DC/Warner Brothers has branded Batman 66.  But, I am a stupid big fan of that Batmobile.  I want that Batmobile.  The thing is…you can’t have that Batmobile without a Batman.  And the only Batman you can put in that Batmobile (well, you probably could put any Batman in there, or any other figure for that matter) is Batman 66.  So…I’ll probably cut the kids down to 2 meals a day to get both.

evil superman

Evil Superman.  Do me a favor…just take my money.  Doesn’t matter how much he costs.  Or how many meals I gotta cut the kids down to.  I’m getting this figure.

evil superman


The next episode of Your Friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show is coming soon!


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