How’s about we take a break from all this Daredevil talk and focus our attention for a moment on another comic book show that finally returned to TV…Gotham.

In today’s day and age, you can’t be out of the public eye for too long.  And it feels like Gotham spent just a bit too long on hiatus.  It’s not that people forget you, it’s that something else shiny comes along and…Squirrel!  With Netflix’s Daredevil hitting our screens, and shows like the Flash firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to get lost back there in the dust.

But, enough of my proselytizing.  Did I mention Gotham was finally back on?

This week’s episode, Beasts of Prey, opens up with Fish Mooney still plotting her way off of the island of dr moreau Dr. Dulmacher’s island.  Testing the waters of the Dollmaker’s security system, Fish devises a plant to get off the island.  Not just to escape, though.  She tosses in a side of retaliation, too.  Of course, any plan Fish comes up with is a deceptive one; this plan using the biggest men on lock down with her as decoy.  Long story short, Fish (and a chosen few) get off the island, the tough guys get dead and Dulmacher gets his.

I know she’s not popular, but I for one, am going to miss Fish next season.

recap gotham beast of prey

Then there’s Jim Gordon.  Who unexpectedly finds himself in over his head (once again) this time at the hands of Commissioner Loeb.  Enticed into a case no one else is willing to take on (which is so like Gordon), he drags Bullock into a cold case adventure that leads to…the Ogre?!?!  A serial killer ala Patrick Bateman from Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho.  One could say the Ogre’s desires are unconventional.

The reason no cop wants to touch the case?  Fear of retribution.  The Ogre goes after any detective (and his/her family) that does try to investigate, leaving all the cases to go quiet.  Just the sight of the Ogre’s broken heart calling card leaves the hardened Bullock quaking in his boots.  It’s a bit of a stretch, Bullock being scared like that.  But, this is Gotham we’re talking about here.

Probably the most amusing part of the episode occurs as the Penguin is walking down a miscellaneous street, he unknowingly passes our young protagonist, Bruce Wayne, on a mission of his own.  After passing Bruce, the Penguin pauses briefly sensing some kind of disturbance in the force.  He eventually shrugs it off, continuing on his way to take over a random bar, where it turns out, the Penguin is plotting to kill, the thorn in his side, Sal Maroni.

And speaking of Bruce, we’ll wrap this thing up with his mission.  Looking for some retribution for Alfred’s stabbing, Bruce takes to the mean streets of Gotham.  He eventually tracks down Selina, who leads him to…Reggie Payne.  Reggie’s all jacked up on “meds” and Bruce, wanting info, threatens to toss his meds out the window of the multi-story abandoned building.

recap gotham beast of prey

Selina, though, does what Bruce won’t and tosses the bad out the window.  Which, conveniently enough, ends up caught on the ledge outside the window…just out of hands reach.  As Reggie goes after the pills, hanging precariously out the window, Bruce is tempted to give him a helping push.   It’s Selina, once again, that ends up doing the deed; sending Payne to his untimely death.

I don’t know.  Having Selina pushing Reggie to his (supposed) death, is a bit out of character for our Catwoman-in-waiting.  I get that this Gotham isn’t the Gotham we know.  And I don’t mind the liberties being taken by the show, this one bothered me, though.  But, as it’s said in some movie:  “Forget it, Jake.  It’s Chinatown.”


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