Looks like Big Blue’s duds are getting updated once again this coming April.

Comicbook.com broke the news that Superman’s getting a revised look this Spring with the conclusion of March’s “Superman Reborn” event.  The new look (designed by “Superman” co-writer and artist, Pat Gleason) has Supes bringing back the red boots (finally!) and the addition of a yellow buckle to the red “belt.”  Still no sign of the red trunks, but fingers crossed.  Maybe we’ll get the entire classic look before the new millennium.

The new costume debuts in “Superman Black” taking place in the pages of “Superman” #20 (by Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason) and will carry over into the pages of “Action Comics” #977 (by Dan Jurgens and Ian Churchill).   Look for both issues to be hitting your local comic shop April 2017.