Your friendly neighborhood jman brings you the top stories of the week, in a new segment for the Red Chair show:  Weekend Update.  We’re talking about Riri Williams taking over for Tony Stark, the upgrade given to the USS Enterprise and wondering how is Thor Odinson still unworthy?!?!  Plus…more!


  1. First I love the no BS show that you have, great job. OK let’s start with Ri ri . I have two problems with this character first. Armor Wars: During Armor wars Stark’s tech was taken and being used for various mean. He risked friendships and life to eradicate and safeguard his technology. So for some kid from MIT to in any way shape or form to acquire his Iron Man tech is ridiculous. Second : my other problem is Marvel’s extensive need to be politically correct. They didn’t create just any character they made a strong teenage black female character that’s intelectual. Not only that but she’s the second incarnation of a teenage black female genius. So I don’t care that’s she’s black I don’t care that she’s a female and I don’t care that she’s a genius. I do care that this seems forced. Marvel has had and could continue to have strong black females characters and if they feel they are losing sales due to a certain demographic then there are multiple ways they could go but instead they want to use a stable popular character and catapult her from Iron Man’s success.

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